The 15 Best Document Management Systems for Linux System (2023)

If you have just launched a startup or already own a company, then obviously you need to manage a huge workforce as well as a large collection of documents. The documents or files of a company where different people work collaboratively need to manage uniquely so that anyone can work on them, and users can have better version control. That is when a document management system comes in handy. If the software infrastructure of your organization is based on Linux, then you will need to look for a document management system for your Linux system.

This tool will help you to store and manage documents either in a local directory or in a dedicated server. You can easily locate older versions of a document with this tool, and thus, the record-keeping procedure becomes easier. These tools can easily increase the overall productivity of your workspace. Even if you are an individual user, you can get some extra benefits from using a document management tool.

Best Document Management Systems for Linux

Google Drive is a great example of a basic document management system. But if you need more customizations and flexibility, then you may require some of the great open-source document management systems for your system. Linux is a great platform for using in a corporate workspace. No wonder that you will find many document management systems for Linux on the internet. But choosing the best tools from them is not an easy task to do. So we have made a list of 15 best document management tools for Linux.

1. Alfresco

Alfresco is an award-winning tool for document management. Being a Java-based program, you will get much flexibility running this on any system. There is an Enterprise Edition and a developer forum based community Edition of this software. The Community Edition is free and open-source. On the other hand, the Enterprise Edition has a commercial support plan if you are more serious about your files.

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Key Features of Alfresco

  • It has a full-fledged web app with session virtualization included.
  • It has content tagging functionality, and you can search based on tags.
  • Alfresco supports multiple record management standards, including 5015.2, MoReq2, NOARK, etc.
  • Users can access the repository via SMB, FTP, WebDAV, NFS, and CMIS.
  • Alfresco has multiple databases support like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, IBM DB2, etc.
  • It has built-in support for Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

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2. OpenKM

This is an open-source document management system for Linux. You can manage your documents through its web interface. JBoss Application Server, Google Web Kit, Lucene, Apache Jackrabbit, and Java J2EE are powering the backbone of the program. As the program is completely free, you can use it in your small companies for cost-effectiveness.

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Key Features of OpenKM

  • The web-based client lets you access your files from anywhere around the world.
  • The fluid user interface makes it easier to drag and drop files directly from your file explorer.
  • Built-in Optical Character Recognition or OCR to scan images and extract data from them.
  • Microsoft Office and Open Office add-in to make a faster workflow.
  • Built-in advanced search engine so that users can search for files using different criteria.
  • Advanced security features to make your documents safer.

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3. LogicalDOC

LogicalDOC is an easy to use document management tool for Linux systems. It has four different editions for different types of users. The Community Edition is free and open-source while it lacks some functionality. On the other hand, the Business, Enterprise, and Cloud editions have got some unique and advanced functionalities.

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Key Features of LogicalDOC

  • The software can easily run on a cluster-based system.
  • Users will get a .NET and PHP based full-fledged web UI.
  • It has got a powerful Lucene based search engine that can index and search for files easily.
  • Automatic version control is a very useful feature of this program. It can configure the first revision number.
  • Multiple workspace system of this tool increases productivity.
  • Its advanced plugin system can add different extra functionalities to this program.

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4. Maarch

Maarch is very useful for storing a high volume of documents. It is based on PHP and has every basic functionality of a document management system. Apart from the open-source product, Maarch has an Enterprise Edition with extra functionalities.

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Key Features of Maarch

  • The program has a modular design, and thus, the functionalities can be easily manageable.
  • You can manage authorization clearance based on the hierarchy of the organization.
  • Users can set different schemes for files based on classifications.
  • The tool has physical archives management functionality.

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5. Epiware

It is an open-source document management system written in PHP. It uses MySQL for managing databases. It is an old tool, and the last build is dated back to 2008. But many useful functionalities make it a popular document management system. The software is free while you can get extended support from Epiware developers by spending money.

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Key Features of Epiware

  • You can control folder access via groups or users.
  • Its advanced search option makes it easier to search with metadata.
  • Users can create virtual workspace and teams for collaborative work in a secured manner.
  • It keeps easily manageable document access and document version history.

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6. Mayan EDMS

Mayan is a modern document management system with a web-based user interface. The program code is written in python while using Django as a framework. It is a free and open-source tool with some extra functionalities. It also works as a dedicated OCR system.

The 15 Best Document Management Systems for Linux System (6)

Key Features of Mayan EDMS

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  • Ability to verify the authenticity of documents via an embedded cryptographic signature system.
  • It has built-in support for LibreOffice to make spreadsheets and presentations management easier.
  • Mayan EDMS has both local and server-side file uploading system.
  • It shows an image preview of popular file formats, and thus, it becomes easier to organize files.
  • It has a limited third party plugin support for extended functionalities.

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7. SeedDMS

SeedDMS is the successor of the popular document management system LetoDMS. And for this reason, it is fully compatible with the former one. It is a free and open-source program. This web-based tool is written on PHP and uses MySQL as its database management system.

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Key Features of SeedDMS

  • It has a very easy to use user interface. It shows all the files and folders, just like on a typical file manager with extra information.
  • The texts on a PDF, MS Word, MS Excel files can be directly indexed, and users can search for them.
  • It has an integrated workflow management system for using in a large organization.
  • SeedDMS features WebDAV access, and it has REST API support.

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8. NemakiWare

NemakiWare is an open-source program from some Japanese developers. It is pretty lightweight but beautifully adorned with modern features and customizations. It is written in Java with the help of the OpenCMIS library from Apache Chemistry. It uses NoSQL as its database management system.

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Key Features of NemakiWare

  • It features an advanced level access control system. Users can easily give access and can deny anyone to use a particular folder.
  • It can create extra properties to the metadata of a particular file so that users can fine-tune the search.
  • The full-text search feature enables users to search among the contents of different documents.
  • The advanced locking feature of this program is supported by all other CMIS clients.

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9. Kimios

Kimios is an open-source program made by Teclib. Being a Java-based tool, you can use it in any environment running Java version 8 or higher. This tool can securely connect and manage any type of storage infrastructure. For this reason, it is greatly helpful for a large organization.

The 15 Best Document Management Systems for Linux System (9)

Key Features of Kimios

  • It has a responsive mobile UI that helps to work on the go.
  • It can remotely connect to the document management system through any type of browser.
  • Indexing by metadata as well as document contents.
  • The biggest advantage is supporting a huge number of file formats.
  • It features built-in integration with Microsoft software and services.

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10. DocMGR

It is a Linux document management tool written in PHP. It uses Apache to run on a system. DocMGR is a full-featured web-based tool. You can run it with any browser. A full-text indexing system named Tsearch2 gives it extra power to crawl through the documents and index it according to texts.

The 15 Best Document Management Systems for Linux System (10)

Key Features of DocMGR

  • Visual document workflow management feature.
  • Indexing based on Optical Character Recognition system.
  • Full WebDAV protocol support for remote management in a secure environment.
  • The discussion board option helps to communicate with the collaborators.

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11. Casebox

Casebox is a specialized document management system which adapted to use in NGOs and law firms. It is also known as a case management system. This tool was developed jointly by HURIDOCS and Normally HURIDOCS maintains the codebase for their partner firms while Ketse looks after their original codebase. The collaboration feature with a powerful file management system makes it an unbeatable litigation management tool.

The 15 Best Document Management Systems for Linux System (11)

Key Features of Casebox

  • Drag and drop system makes it useful for the beginners.
  • It can create graphs and charts automatically from your resources. It can also publish them automatically to a website via the web module.
  • The advanced recycle bin function enables you to undelete anything anytime.
  • Users can create dynamic forms with logical conditions to interact with different persons.
  • This tool prevents cross-device syncing to add an extra layer of security.

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12. SutiDMS

SutiDMS is an online document management system with all the useful functionalities. It is developed by Suti Soft. This tool is built as a scalable SaaS model. For this reason, you will get the features according to your needs, and you can pay accordingly. Though it’s basic version is free of cost.

The 15 Best Document Management Systems for Linux System (12)

Key Features of SutiDMS

  • It has an advanced version controlling system.
  • This tool is integrated with Suti Soft’s eSignature solution to simplify the approval process.
  • It features an automated electronic records disposition system.
  • This tool has an integrated graphics-based workflow management system.

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13. OpenDocMan

This is an open-source document management system written in PHP. It supports ISO 17025 and IE standards for document management. It features a full-fledged independent web interface. The automated installer and updater make it easier to use. It runs fluently on any Linux based distribution.

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The 15 Best Document Management Systems for Linux System (13)

Key Features of OpenDocMan

  • You can add unlimited file types to this tool.
  • It supports unlimited new file properties according to your company’s needs.
  • Automated file expiration system for better control over files.
  • It has a departmental access control feature for each file.
  • Advanced email feature for notifying about recent changes.

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14. OnlyOffice

OnlyOffice is an online document management system and office management program. It is simple and easy to use. It has the Enterprise, Developer, and Integration edition for different types of users. As the tool runs on a dedicated server provided by the developer company, it is not free. You can choose different plans according to your needs. The Integration edition lets you integrate this tool with your self hosted infrastructure. It is a partially open source document management system.

The 15 Best Document Management Systems for Linux System (14)

Key Features of OnlyOffice

  • It is an all in one tool for mail, documents, projects, calendars, and much more.
  • Integration support for popular DMS like Alfresco, ownCloud, SharePoint, etc.
  • The original code is open-source on Github so that you can get extra flexibility.
  • Free Android and iOS app support for working on the go.

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15. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a modern document management system with all modern features. It has different tariff plans for users with different needs. For small companies, it has a free plan with limited functionalities. This is a great option to get started. It has a full-fledged add-on store to extend the functionalities of the tool.

The 15 Best Document Management Systems for Linux System (15)

Key Features of Bitrix24

  • Private social networking feature makes it easier to catch up with the colleagues.
  • The real-time video chatting option saves time and increases productivity.
  • The workload management feature helps you to distribute tasks among workers with less pressure.
  • It automatically creates recurring tasks from templates.
  • It can visualize data with beautiful graphs and charts.

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Final Thoughts

The tools mentioned above are some of the best document management systems for Linux desktop. Few of them are free and open-source while others cost you money. As document management systems need a server to run, regular security patches, and customer support, it is difficult to find a completely free service. So, you should choose the plan wisely according to your organization’s needs to save some bucks.


What is an example of document management system? ›

PDF Readers are the best example of a Document Management System through which you can access the PDF file offline and store it to view and even print and publish it anytime at any place.

What are the types of document management systems? ›

5 Types Of Document Management Systems
  • Content Management. Often referred to as web content management, this type of document management system focuses on creating, modifying, organising, and delivering content to users. ...
  • Workflow Management. ...
  • Record Management. ...
  • Document Imaging. ...
  • Enterprise Content Management.
18 Feb 2020

What is document management system? ›

Document management, often referred to as Document Management Systems (DMS), is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information captured through the use of a document scanner.

What are the 3 basic types of file management? ›

The types of files recognized by the system are either regular, directory, or special. However, the operating system uses many variations of these basic types. All file types recognized by the system fall into one of these categories. However, the operating system uses many variations of these basic types.

Which is the best document database? ›

Top 10 Document Databases
  • Amazon DynamoDB.
  • MongoDB.
  • MongoDB Atlas.
  • Couchbase.
  • Google Cloud Firestore.
  • ArangoDB.
  • InterSystems IRIS.
  • Percona Server for MongoDB.
2 Oct 2022

What are the 4 types of documentation? ›

The four kinds of documentation are:
  • learning-oriented tutorials.
  • goal-oriented how-to guides.
  • understanding-oriented discussions.
  • information-oriented reference material.

What are the two types of documentation systems? ›

Agile and waterfall approaches. The documentation types that the team produces and its scope depending on the software development approach that was chosen. There are two main ones: agile and waterfall. Each is unique in terms of accompanying documentation.

What are 3 types of documents? ›

Types of documents
  • HTML files.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
  • Microsoft Word documents.
  • Plain text documents.
  • PDFs.

What are the common document systems? ›

Document management systems (DMS) is the process of storing electronic documents and images of paper-based documents through software.
Top 10 Document Management Systems in 2021
  • DocuWare. ...
  • Dropbox Business. ...
  • eFileCabinet. ...
  • Google Drive. ...
  • Laserfiche. ...
  • LogicalDOC. ...
  • M-Files. ...
  • OnlyOffice.
23 Aug 2021

How many types of documents are there? ›

Documents are classified into different types. Each document has a specific importance. We have 15 types of documents. Some documents are very important for example Professional documents, Informative documents, Birth and marriage certificates.

Why is a document management system important? ›

A document management system puts documents all in one place, ensuring that employees are working with the same set of information. This centralized repository of critical documents can serve as a “source of truth” across the organization.

Which are three functions of a document management system? › claims that there are three main functions of a document management system — to capture, store and distribute documents.

Which is the most important element of document management systems? ›

A robust search function is a crucial requirement for any document management system you may choose. You want a full text search capability and strong browsing software. Employees spend 1.5 hours per week searching for lost files. Multiply that times 1,000 employees and hourly rates, and that is a huge waste of money.

What are 5 tips for file management? ›

Effective File Management
  1. Avoid saving unnecessary documents. ...
  2. Follow a consistent method for naming your files and folders. ...
  3. Store related documents together, whatever their type. ...
  4. Separate ongoing work from completed work. ...
  5. Avoid overfilling folders. ...
  6. Organize documents by date. ...
  7. Make digital copies of paper documents.

Which app is best for keeping documents? ›

Top 5 Android apps to access your documents on the go
  1. Documents to Go. Documents to Go is one of the most popular document viewing app. ...
  2. Google Docs. Google Docs is now a part of Google Drive. ...
  3. Quick Office Pro. ...
  4. DropBox. ...
  5. Kingston Office.
19 Jun 2012

What is the most secure database management system? ›

Top Database Security Solutions for 2022
  • Alibaba Cloud.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Cloudera.
  • EnterpriseDB.
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Huawei.
  • IBM.
  • Imperva.
17 Jun 2021

What are the 7 types of technical writing? ›

This page gives examples of different genres of technical writing, including instruction manuals, proposals, reports, posters and visual communication, technical descriptions, product recalls, and white papers.

What are the 4 C's of documentation? ›

How can the CSI 4-C's, Clear/Concise/Correct/Complete improve the communication of your construction documents?

What 3 items do all controlled documents have? ›

When created, controlled documents must have a version number. When updates occur, a list of all changes must be detailed with each update. The document changes must go through a review and approval panel which ensures they are suitable for use. The Quality department will always be a member of the approval panel.

What are the 7 types of documents? ›

The 7 types of documents you should never throw away!
  • WORK DOCUMENTS. Tax forms, vacation time, proof of educational leave, etc. ...

What are the 8 source documents? ›

Common source documents include:
  • Canceled checks.
  • Invoices.
  • Cash register receipts.
  • Computer-generated receipts.
  • Credit memo for a customer refund.
  • Employee time cards.
  • Deposit slips.
  • Purchase orders.
13 Sept 2022

What are the 5 C's of documentation? ›

To introduce you to this world of academic writing, in this chapter I suggest that you should focus on five hierarchical characteristics of good writing, or the “5 Cs” of good academic writing, which include Clarity, Cogency, Conventionality, Completeness, and Concision.

What are examples of document types? ›

5 types of document files
  • Portable document format (PDF) A PDF file is a common file type in many work environments. ...
  • Word document (DOC and DOCX) ...
  • Hypertext markup language (HTML and HTM) ...
  • Microsoft excel spreadsheet file (XLS and XLSX) ...
  • Text file (TXT)

What are the 10 source documents? ›

In its simplest form, a source document generally contains the following information: The date of the transaction.
The most common documents are:
  • Checks.
  • Invoices.
  • Receipts.
  • Credit memos.
  • Employee time cards.
  • Deposit slips.
  • Purchase orders.
2 Jan 2021

What are the 5 sources of document? ›

Some examples of source documents include:
  • Bank Statements.
  • Payroll Reports.
  • Invoices.
  • Leases & Contracts.
  • Check Registers.
  • Purchase Orders.
  • Deposit Slips – not included on a bank statement.
  • Check Copies – not included on a bank statement.
20 Jan 2017

What is the most common document format? ›

PDF. The PDF document file is a Portable Document Format by Adobe that has become the most prevalent file format used on the web today.

Which software is used for documents? ›

A software that is used to create text-based documents is called Word Processor.

What are the three important documents? ›

Explore the Documents
  • Declaration of Independence.
  • Constitution of the United States.
  • Bill of Rights.
20 Sept 2022

What is a main document? ›

Related Definitions

Main Document means motions, objections, replies, stipulations, waivers, notices and other pleadings, but does not include attachments or exhibits to such pleadings.

What documents most important? ›

What Are Important Documents?
  • Legal identification documents. Social Security cards. Birth certificates. ...
  • Tax documents. Tax returns. W-2s and 1099 forms. ...
  • Property records. Vehicle registration and titles. ...
  • Medical records. Wills, powers of attorney or living will. ...
  • Finance records. Pay stubs.
28 Apr 2022

What are three benefits of document management systems? ›

Eight Benefits of Document Management Systems (DMS)
  • Reduces Costs.
  • Improves Workflow.
  • Better Collaboration.
  • Advanced Search.
  • Reduces Storage Space.
  • Easier Retrieval.
  • Enhanced Security.
  • Disaster Recovery.
8 Apr 2022

How do you create a document management system? ›

Here are 7 steps to create and implement a document management strategy:
  1. Determine Who Will Take Charge. ...
  2. Assess the Current Filing System and Determine Strategy Requirements. ...
  3. Identify Each Document. ...
  4. Establish Procedures and Requirements, Then Document. ...
  5. Preparing the Strategy. ...
  6. Purge Unnecessary Documents.

What are the 4 main functions involved in file management? ›

Functions of the File Management System

Store, arrange, or accessing files on a disk or other storage locations. Creating new files. Displaying the old files. Adding and editing the data in files.

How is document management system used? ›

Document management is a system or process used to capture, track and store electronic documents such as PDFs, word processing files and digital images of paper-based content. Document management can save you time and money.

What are the basic methods of document control? ›

Document Control Process
  • Document Creation. The process of making a new document is very crucial. ...
  • Document Review and Approval. These processes should specify which documents need to be reviewed and by whom. ...
  • Document Revision. ...
  • Replacement. ...
  • Document Publishing. ...
  • Integration of an External Document. ...
  • Document Obsoleting.

What are the 10 keys to design a better documents? ›

Key guidance in the design of documents includes:
  1. Use at least 12 point. ...
  2. Use a clear, easy to read font. ...
  3. Make important points stand out. ...
  4. Use bold or bigger sized font to emphasise text. ...
  5. Text should be set horizontally. ...
  6. Avoid splitting a word between two lines. ...
  7. Templates with accessible formatting. ...
  8. Use accessible formatting.

What are the five 5 Principles of document design? ›

This publica- tion, created for anyone with an interest in designing effective documents, covers the principles of document design: balance, proportion, order, contrast, similarity, and unity.

› document-management ›

Although a majority of the document management systems store all of your digital documents in the cloud, they are much more than just cloud storage. A document ...
With one secure central electronic repository, such as cloud document storage and management software provided by Folderit, you no longer have to suffer the con...

What is Document Management? › what-is-document-manag... › what-is-document-manag...
Document management is the capture, storage and retrieval of documents. With or without documentation management, your organization already captures, stores and...

Which software is best for creating documents? ›

Top 10 Document Creation Software
  • Adobe Acrobat.
  • Microsoft Word.
  • Dropbox Paper.
  • Google Workspace.
  • Foxit PDF Editor.
  • Adobe Export PDF.
  • Quip.
4 days ago

Does Microsoft have a document management system? ›

Does Microsoft have a Document Management System? Yes, it does. Microsoft Office 365 provides various software solutions including SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics and OneDrive for document management.

What is the best way to organize document? ›

The Best Way to Organize Your Files and Folders - YouTube

How good is SharePoint as document management system? ›

SharePoint is a great document management tool, but it requires a lot of work to maintain, especially for large and growing companies. You can use it effectively for a while by setting up an intuitive site structure and maintaining clear, logical content governance guidelines, but that will only take you so far.

What are the 10 keys to design a better documents? ›

Key guidance in the design of documents includes:
  1. Use at least 12 point. ...
  2. Use a clear, easy to read font. ...
  3. Make important points stand out. ...
  4. Use bold or bigger sized font to emphasise text. ...
  5. Text should be set horizontally. ...
  6. Avoid splitting a word between two lines. ...
  7. Templates with accessible formatting. ...
  8. Use accessible formatting.

What are the 10 example of word processor? ›

Comparison Of Top Word Processing Software
NameBest For
Google DocsComposing, editing, and sharing word documents for free.
Office Word OnlineIndividuals and students to compose MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents online for free.
Dropbox PaperWriting and editing word documents for free.
2 more rows
24 Sept 2022

What are 3 types of documents that word processing software would be used to create? ›

The ability to perform word processing requires a computer and a special type of computer software called a word processor. A word processor is a program designed to assist with the production of a wide variety of documents, including letters, memoranda, and manuals, rapidly and at relatively low cost.

What are the 5 basic filing systems? ›

There are 5 methods of filing:
  • Filing by Subject/Category.
  • Filing in Alphabetical order.
  • Filing by Numbers/Numerical order.
  • Filing by Places/Geographical order.
  • Filing by Dates/Chronological order.

Does Google have a document management system? ›

Google Drive allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more within the application.

Why do you need a document management system? ›

A document management system is used to automatically organize, secure, digitize and classify company documents, making them easy to access, edit and share.

How do you manage a lot of documents? ›

Effective File Management
  1. Avoid saving unnecessary documents. ...
  2. Follow a consistent method for naming your files and folders. ...
  3. Store related documents together, whatever their type. ...
  4. Separate ongoing work from completed work. ...
  5. Avoid overfilling folders. ...
  6. Organize documents by date. ...
  7. Make digital copies of paper documents.

How do I organize all my documents? ›

If you want to learn how to organize your paperwork, follow these seven steps:
  1. Separate documents by type. ...
  2. Use chronological and alphabetical order. ...
  3. Organize your filing space. ...
  4. Color-code your filing system. ...
  5. Label your filing system. ...
  6. Dispose of unnecessary documents. ...
  7. Digitize files.

Why SharePoint is not a document management system? ›

One of the shortcomings of trying to use SharePoint as a DMS is that it uses metadata to tag files. Metadata is basically a description of a file's properties. Similar to keywords and tags, each file can have several different properties, by which it can be found later.

Is Google Drive or SharePoint better? ›

The primary difference between SharePoint and Google Drive is that SharePoint exists within the Microsoft application ecosystem. It is just one tool in a much larger toolbox that helps drive organizational collaboration and productivity. Users are able manage content and documents using the Microsoft 365 platform.

Which is better Dropbox or SharePoint? ›

Functionality. Because SharePoint is highly configurable and flexible, users are able to do far more with the platform than Dropbox. SharePoint can be used for project management, collaboration, employee portals, intranets, and more.

› picks › the-best-document-man... ›

Document management now covers everything from collaboration to workflow design and even compliance regulation. We review and rank top players in this field.
Microsoft devices and software are highly compatible with most document management systems. Look for other important features like version control, document ima...
Cannot find your documents quickly? Tired of trying to find the latest version of your document? Deep dive into SharePoint Document Management System - DMS.


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